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In 2015, the Maris group and Mining Division manager David May acquired Venice Mine Complex (VMC). VMC holds 106 mining blocks covering an area of approximately 2,664 hectares. There are several separate strikes, all related in a regional structural setting. Mines on the area include What Cheer, Nando, Pinkun, Mascot, Esperanza, Tangiers, and Venice itself.

Maris plans to reinvigorate the mine complex in a phased approach. The first phase is the establishment of a Carbon in Leach (CIL) tailings retreatment operation to treat the 2.1 mil­lion tons of tailings material. The second phase would bring the satellite mines into produc­tion, largely using existing infrastructure. The third phase would return the main Venice mine to full production, including significant investment in additional infrastructure.

What Cheer Mine

Nando Mine

Pinkun Mine

Mascot Mine

Esperanza Mine

Tangiers Mine

Venice East Mine

Venice Mine